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To create a more immersive experience, BELLADONNA GROUP give our customers the opportunity to speak directly with THE OWNER (DOC.BELLADONNA) via ZOOM for information relating to existing products or to create a personalized jewel.



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For us it is important to answer all the questions of our customers, and our priority is to satisfy any request.

Our company is located in Valenza in Italy, a city dedicated to the production of jewelry on a global level

Any jewel produced by us is provided with gemological certificates (GIA-IGI-HRD), for the central diamonds;
For “secondary” diamonds, a gemological certificate is issued by our court-approved gemologist.

Furthermore, for the first 30 days of receiving the jewel, we offer free assistance on any defects (usually this does not happen).

For us it is very important to guarantee all our customers a perfect quality of the jewels, obviously in order to be able to give this service from the moment the order is placed the times (they vary according to the complexity of the jewel);
Normally it takes 15 to 20 working days including shipping.

In order to have a private consultation and therefore speak with one of our experts, you can book your videoconference directly from the calendar on this page, book according to your convenience and based on your time availability

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There are no additional costs, the price of the jewel includes all costs of customs duties, taxes and shipping directly to your home via our highly qualified staff.